HerbFest 2016 Dates

April 22-24 and April 29-May 1, 2016 are dates of HerbFest 2016. Certified organic grown from organic stock, non GMO, heritage/heirloom varieties herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and much more. Perennials are specific to our area, Zone 7 and also are locally N.C. grown.…


A Boy & His Dog

Let’s change pace and watch this great video about a 3 legged dog and a chronically ill young lad. Wonderful video and type you now see under the “Pets” tab on website. Enjoy


Are GMO Seed Sources Safe?

Read a candid decision by a cardiologist on the decision he has made and why. Read more…..


Wake Forest in Bloom

Wake Forest show your colors and beauty!   Beautiful blooming plants abound.   Do your part to beautify our landscape.  


Lunar Tea

I finished a cup of brewed mint tea and looked up herbal teas on line. Most are brewed…then reached sun tea. I make that very often with Lipton tea. Then…stumbled on something I have never heard of…Lunar Tea! Will quote: “Lunar Infusion is…


Complimentary Emails from Herbanites on Herbal Lore & Legend Series

I get so many political emails that yours always comes as a special delight! Thank you so much!….. Carol Letters of thanks to you BOB,They must be MANY,if not here is one from me! Appreciating youBob; Belva


Play Like a Kid, Get Younger, Increase Longevity

Phil Campbell shares with us exercise secrets that help increase the bodies natural production of Human Growth Hormone. Often referred to as the Youth Hormone. Children naturally secrete an abundance of this hormone. They have lots of energy and vitality.


A Nice Word From A “Down Under” Herbanite

Bob.. Greetings from Ian away down the other side of the world. I should have congratulated you well B4 this but am a bit slack & getting a bit over the hill..70 in a few days this month & still living with the…


Save the Planet, Quick Garden Even with Little Space

Free is great. If you can find a business somewhere that is throwing away or giving away paletts you can build this for no cost, except for maybe the nails. The video gives a step by step guide to building a raised bed…


Simple Trick for Repelling Ticks, Rosemary Feet

When I saw this I was really amazed at the simplicity of how you could repel ticks, just by stuffing some Rosemary in your shoelaces. In a word: Brilliant Fact is Rosemary is an herb that works pretty well as a tick repellent.…