I finished a cup of brewed mint tea and looked up herbal teas on line. Most are brewed…then reached sun tea. I make that very often with Lipton tea. Then…stumbled on something I have never heard of…Lunar Tea! Will quote:

“Lunar Infusion is made by placing the herb in an open crystal bowl or glass. Cover the herb with fresh water and place directly in the moonlight, a full moon being the best time. Do not cover. Allow to infuse overnight and drink first thing in the morning. These infusions will be subtle and work best with fresh aromatic herbs like chamomile, mints and balms.”

Lemon balm was running wild here when we bought this house and it has taken me all this time to get rid of it. I know it has many medicinal uses…but, it’s not worth it to me to keep around. I plan to make lunar tea tonight with mint. Tomorrow, I expect to feel very healthy, earthy, calm, etc. Lunar tea sounds ever so much mysterious than sun tea.

Full moon is the 28th. I will try tonight anyway although it is cloudy out and due to be cold.

Join me? Barbara

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